Update recent surgery

I had yesterday surgery number six after the hack ADR surgery done by Thomas Bierstedt from ONZ in Germany (not calling him Doctor anymore as he did not deliver a standard of care at all). All those surgeries were done to try to fix his wrong doings on lumbar spine and Abdominal anterior approach. I stated to try to fix as the damage he did left me beyond repair on my spine and with a deformity on abdominal wall. He destroyed my career and therefore took away any possibility for me of gainful employment. Medical device manufacturers should stop selling to him the implants as the way he does his procedure causes severe harm to patients. He caused me severe harm and I cannot provide any longer for my family or for myself. Medical device manufacturers should also reevaluate their devices as the ones implanted in my spine caused me scoliosis and other severe damage and due to the conflicting forces they exert have ruined two fusion processes and lumbar hardware. Do I need evidence to prove this gross failure? Well, I have all the evidence I need of it. I am condemned to keep them as long as live even if they are useless since day one. Attempting to explant them will put me again at life threatening risk. That hack surgery left me with irreversible nerve damage, permanent limitations and constant and severe pain. All that could have been avoided if Bierstedt would have paid attention to my multiple reports of complications but instead he put other non medically qualified individuals to tell me everything was fine. Nothing was fine. They should have intervened and fix their wrongdoings but they chose instead to downplay the importance of my reports to the extent of demeaning and insulting them calling it speculative worries. They also threatened me of stoping any and all post op care. I didn’t received any anyways. There was no complication protocol in place and there was no second line of defense as they post in their advertising. Thomas Bierstedt, Malte Petersen and Jack Lemon should not be allowed to make decisions involving medical procedures or treatment. They are vulgar criminals that robbed me of my quality of life and my ability to work. And they know they are untouchable as no regulatory agency or government had acted to investigate and stop their wrongdoings. Vulgar criminals and the cowards who never took ownership of their wrongdoings; they chose instead to betray my trust and to ruin my life. I will not stop denouncing them and exposing them and if only one patient pays attention at a time and steers away from them, it will be a patient spared of living this nightmare of pain and limitations I live and experience every day.

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