Complication Management Protocol

Another lie from Spine Connection and ONZ.

There was no complication management protocol in place and if it was, it was completely ignored. 

Many times I reported the excruciating pain and limitations I was having every single one of my reports was ignored and demeaned every single one of them.

Malte Petersen even called my reports “speculative worries”. I was not speculating. There was something clearly wrong and all the people involved in my surgery just ignored the complications I was having. The complication that could have been addressed properly and perhaps further damage could have been prevented.

Jake Lemon from Spine Connection just called them “it is normal”, “just breathe and push through the pain”. And he always shielded ONZ and Dr. Bierstedt. Bierstedt was never available to respond to emails or to take my calls asking for support on the complications.

I was having all those complications due to Dr. Bierstedt doing my surgery wrong and choosing the wrong artificial discs.

I wasn’t safe at all. And you Jake Lemon are a complicit of all that. You are as responsible of it as the surgeon is. 

You both robbed me of my ability to work and provide for my family. The surgery was a complete fraud and affected my spine to the point of rendering me unable to work due to pain and limitations.

The surgery that was done wrong by dr. Bierstedt and it forced me to have numerous surgeries to try to stabilize my back and to repair the abdominal damage done during the anterior approach.

You both are criminals of the lowest kind. You both ruined my life. 

I will continue exposing my case and your wrongdoings. I have the evidence, all the evidence is in my body, as you Dr. Bierstedt condemned me to have two useless M6L inside of me for the rest of my life; all for the sake of money. You ruined my life and you Jake Lemon are a complicit of it.

Marco Rios 

3 thoughts on “Complication Management Protocol

  1. There was no complication protocol. Dr Beirstandt placed one of my discs incorrectly and caused my vertebrae to fracture.

    It took hundreds or calls to Dr Beirstandt, (who was never available) to Malte and to Susan (who is an Angel). Hundreds of emails. Hundreds or texts before someone would listen.

    Then. After fixing his mistake he sent me a bill for $37000!!!!!!

    The topper is that although I can sit now (which wasn’t an issue before the first surgery) my left leg is numb and my toes feel like a claw. I did not have any of these issues. It turns out my pain generator was most likely in my SI joint.

    ONZ are criminals and I hope someone holds them responsible


  2. I’m glad i cam across your site as I was considering sending them my details. I will be seeing a reputable neurosurgeon within Australia for sure. There are many studies showing that the outcomes from a hybrid are as good as a multi level disk replacement.

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    1. Hello. You are doing the right thing. I don’t know your case but if you are reading and doing your research you are on the right track. I wish you all the best. I fell and bought the snake oil they were selling. Paid a very high price for it. Lost my career and ability to work due to their wrongful surgery. What upsets me more is the fact that very early in the post op process I let them know multiple times about the complications and they just downplayed the importance of it. I am so glad your are not putting your life and spine care in their hands. In my opinion they are criminals and hack surgeons who their only interest is the money. On my case a hybrid would have had a much better outcome. Now I have two very expensive and useless artificial disks inside me for the rest of my life. Unfortunately they cannot be removed without putting my life in serious risk. The artificial discs have already ruined two fusion attempts due the the conflicting forces they exert on my spine. Manufacturers should not continue selling these devices to criminal doctors. It is right there where they become part of the problem too. I wish you all the best on your research and the best possible outcome on your spine health.


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