Your miracle surgeon is the criminal who ruined my life…

It is now two years and six months since I had the Failed Artificial Disc Surgery at ONZ Spine in Germany, botched by Dr. Thomas Bierstedt.

My life changed radically since. I could never go back to gainful employment to provide for my family and for myself. My life now, is full of physical limitations and permanent pain.

All those issues could have been prevented if Dr. Biersted had done his due medical diligence to assess my case. He ignored the evidence in the imaging studies I submitted and proceeded to a contraindication surgery and with this, he ruined my spine and therefore my life.

Yes, the miracle surgeon for some is the one who ruined my life. I have received messages and comments telling me how good Dr. Biersted is and how much he has helped his patients. And also telling me that what I am saying is not true. All I know is he took my money, abandoned me as a patient having complications after him botching a surgery and ignoring my multiple requests for support, follow up and corrective measures for what he did wrong.

He forced in two inadequate artificial discs and to make them fit in the intervertebral space he over-distracted the vertebrae causing severe nerve damage. The surgery was a failure leading to increased spine instability and a scoliosis I didn’t have before.

He might have helped many other patients and I am glad for them, but he failed me miserably. When I was in excruciating pain due to the botched surgery and the medical devices harming my spine, I was wondering what was happening to me. I made him aware multiple times of it and desperately asked for support assessing the situation and to proceed; accordingly, he never replied. Instead, he put his attack dog Malte Peterson to insult me and my concerns to the point of threatening to stop care if didn’t desist of asking for follow up care. He even disrespectfully and in adversarial manner called my requests for follow up and support “Speculative worries”.

If Dr. Bierstedt had acted upon my requests I would probably not be in the situation I am in now. I had to go through multiple surgeries to try to repair the damage Dr. Bierted did to my abdominal during the anterior approach. He severely damaged the abdominal wall, causing with this several hernias that had to be repaired surgically. I had also two lumbar spine surgeries to stabilize my spine with hardware and I am in line to one more withing the next three weeks.

The erratically and abnormal functioning of the two artificial discs had ruined twice the hardware put in place to stabilize the lumbar spine. Those two useless M6L discs cannot be explanted without seriously putting my life at risk. Dr. Bierstedt with his hack surgery condemned me for life to have inside of me, two useless artificial discs that are doing more harm every day.

We are all humans and therefore we can make mistakes, but when it comes to severely affecting the health and life of a patient, taking ownership of a wrongdoing is expected from the medical professional to preserve and improve life and of course to correct what was done wrong. Dr. Bierstedt never took ownership of his wrongdoings and never offered any solution to help me as his patient. This fact is the complete opposite of what they say regarding their second line of defense when complications arise; I notified them multiple times since the early post op stages and they just ignored my situation and completely dismissed me from any care and follow up. I was told many times by Jack Lemon, the Spine Connection Patient Liaison, that I was safe and covered… I was never safe and now I am worse than before ADR. They ruined my life. They are vulgar criminals who should not be dealing with patients and surgeries. For me, Dr. Biersted is a hack surgeon. Malte Peterson is an arrogant and disrespectful thug. Jack Lemon is an unprincipled business man who chose profit instead of helping a patient in need of support.

Those are the criminals who ruined my life and took away my ability to work and provide for my family and myself.

The European Union regulatory agencies and the German authorities are also complicit as they don’t intervene when such surgeons harm patients for profit. They just let them do whatever they please. There is no accountability at all.

2 thoughts on “Your miracle surgeon is the criminal who ruined my life…

  1. You are preaching to the choir here. He has no morals. Once there is an issue he abandons you. Even when I finally got them to listen to me and I returned at my expense to Germany after 3 months of not being able to walk more than 5m (due to a fractured vertebrae) I never did get to speak to Dr Beirstandt. He claimed he was in vacation and only returned to do my revision sure. Which he also screwed up and caused irreparable nerve damage I have to live with.

    He should not be allowed to operate


    1. yes, I agree. I also ended with irreparable nerve damage. It worries me the structure in place ONZ has to recruit patients in Canada. I have been contacted by quite a few patients and some were already set for surgery with him. I wonder if he ever reviews the submitted images. It is probably Malte the one making the medical decisions. It has to be like that, because no Surgeon would have done my surgery considering the condition my back was. The profit was more important for them; it is more important than the patient outcome. And on top of that if the patient is not a EU citizen or resident, they are more at ease as they can do anything wrong without any accountability or consequence. They are vulgar criminals and Bierstedt is a hack surgeon.


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