European Union regulatory agencies are just an ornament…

Why the EU regulatory agencies ignore the negligence cases reported? It shouldn’t matter if the patients are not EU citizens or residents; human beings are being injured by hack surgeons like Dr. Thomas Bierstedt and authorities do nothing to stop him.

2 thoughts on “European Union regulatory agencies are just an ornament…

  1. Can you contact me please. I just had surgery in Germany from dr B and he put a screw in my L5 nerve root. I had surgery 11.22.22 alif l-5-s1 and and artificial disc at l-4 l-5. I had revision surgery here in the US on 12.21.22 to remove the misplaced screw and still remain in excruciating pain from the damaged nerve. I am not only barely living but am experiencing the ultimate gaslighting from ONZ


    1. Justin,
      That is the standard practice when complications arise; “it is normal”. No, it isn’t. If they had paid attention when you first pointed the issue out, they could have corrected it. The are utterly negligent and arrogant that will never own their mistakes even though that means more harm to the patient. I am sorry this is happening to you. Thomas Bierstedt must be made accountable for his malpractice and negligence. It is too bad ONZ has many apologists and if they are not held accountable, they will continue to do their criminal activities. They are illegally diagnosing patients in Canada and recruiting them for surgery in Germany. I’ll get in touch tomorrow through private email. Hoping you will find relief to the pain and limitations.


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