Open Letter to ONZ, DR. Bierstedt and Jack Lemon – Spine Connection

Dr. Bierstedt and Jack Lemon,

You both lied to me.

Dr. Bierstedt was incapable of addressing my concerns with an adequate standard of care. Instead you put Malte Peterson your fight dog to downplay and insult my concerns to the point of calling them speculative worries.

You, Jack Lemon told me I was safe and that you had my back as I was under your umbrella.

All those were lies; gross lies and gross negligence.

Yes, you had my back and took it away from me; you took away my ability to work and provide for my family and myself.

The M6L failed due to the reckless way you implanted them and that and caused me numerous irreversible issues. I have permanent nerve damage due the way the discs were implanted and the irresponsible lack of due diligence when reviewing my images. You over-distracted my spine to force the discs in and that was the reason of the excruciating pain. You disregarded my spine condition for the sake of profit and while taking a monetary gain, you took away my health and ruined my life.

You both are criminals; the criminals who ruined my life.

I am still in the fight of exposing you, your organization and your negligence.

It should have been so easy to listen to what I was experiencing and I reported to you so many times. Instead of listening and acting immediately to prevent further damage you chose to dismiss me and to threaten me. That is utterly criminal.

I just hope people and authorities will listen and you both can be taken to law and be charged accordingly. You are not fit to diagnose patients and to practice surgery on them. People make mistakes and correct them but your arrogance left me with a ruined spine with two useless implants for the rest of my life. Two useless implants that are still causing me great harm.

Marco Rios

3 thoughts on “Open Letter to ONZ, DR. Bierstedt and Jack Lemon – Spine Connection

  1. Hi Marco

    Happy to hear you are still in the fight!!! I’m happy to help anyway I can. Dr B made a mess of my surgery (ies) as well. He should be arrested

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