International patients have no legal protection in Germany when complications arise.

Patients having complications are on their own once they leave Germany. And doctors know this fact well. Post op support is nonexistent. The same doctor that was readily available for the initial assessment and very quick diagnostic, is then nowhere to be found or too busy to answer calls, return messages or reply to emails. All this happened to me with Dr. Thomas Bierstedt from ONZ SPINE in Germany.

8 thoughts on “International patients have no legal protection in Germany when complications arise.

  1. I’m really sorry you had such a bad outcome. I found your site b/c I too had a negative result after getting ADR by Dr Illherhaus at ONZ August 2020. There is almost nowhere to let the public know about bad outcomes, so it’s nice you took this initiative.

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    1. I Am sorry you had a negative experience too. Unfortunately there is no legal protection for international patients. I will continue denouncing them. Dr. Biertedt caused me irreversible damage and I am still dealing with the consequences of his botched surgery. I am having another abdominal repair in a few days due to the mishandling on his anterior approach.


      1. My condition was severely altered facet at one of the two levels. Increased instability and bony defects. Four previous surgeries. I had lumbar pain and radiating pain to leg. What went wrong? Dr. Bierstedt over distracted the vertebrae to force in the wrong size and angle artificial discs and caused irreversible damage to nerves. Discs failed. I have now an scoliosis I didn’t have before. They refused to do proper standard of care when I voiced the issues I was having and dismissed me. The condition of my lumbar spine was bad enough to determine I was not a good candidate for ADR and still he did it. After that failure I needed two revisions and multiple hernia repairs as they damaged my abdominal wall during the anterior approach surgery. I have one more surgery soon. I am worst than before i went to ONZ for surgery. They are a fraud and with their hack surgery procedures they have injured many patients now. It is not just me. I don’t understand how they are still operating and recruiting potential patients. It seems their propaganda is still working efficiently in Canada. Please do your research and ask for second opinions. They ruined my life and they did it without any care and knowing international patients with surgery complications are not able to sue them. In my opinion they are criminals and a fraud.


  2. My brother and I both had surgery with Dr. Bierstedt. He seemed gentle and kind. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t try to help you. This part just doesn’t make sense to me. ONZ had a USA patient returned for a revision in the week before me. I was sorry to read your story.


    1. It doesn’t make sense to me either. They just said “it is normal “ “you are safe”. It wasn’t normal and I wasn’t safe. They put the wrong Artificial disc and that caused me irreversible damage. Then they just ignored my requests for support post-op and didn’t offer any solution at all. They were very gentle and kind of course and also very quick to respond when they were courting me as a potential patient. There are many other patients recently that have been injured by them. I am glad you and your brother had good outcomes. It happens. Every case is different. But leaving a patient on his own while having serious complications is utterly unethical and negligent. I am in worse condition than before going to them for surgery.


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